Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hoping to be back today

I know this as 'Fox and Cubs' and saw it growing first alongside the - then abandoned - Swanage to Corfe railway line . . .

Many, many apologies but I have had dreadful phone line problems - changing provider and a phone line that has Had It . . . I have been taking notes over the 3 weeks I had no broadband, so I will post them up later on today, or whenever broadband comes back properly (this is just a "blip").


  1. That looks like a plant I knew as hawkweed or Indian paintbrush in New England--here in the west, Indian paintbrush is a totally different species. Does yours sometimes have a yellow flowered variant?

  2. I used to love walking that line - but then I now love taking train rides on it - we had a walk on the ridge west from Corfe Castle, just yesterday. I hope your blip soon fixed.