Friday, 22 May 2009

Habitat: walls . . .

A brief posting as I am off to view a Nursery in Swansea later on (particularly for her Collection of Aquilegias). So just a make-weight post today.

I took these photos at Grosmont Castle recently, on my way home from Herefordshire. It was covered in wild wallflowers, which had colonized every nook and cranny and made it look SO pretty.

Some plants will grow anywhere. Above and below, wallflowers have colonized cracks in the walls at Grosmont Castle, on the Welsh borders beyond Abergavenny. There were some small seedlings growing in cracks in the wall base, so I pocketed 4 and they are growing on nicely.

Below - Navelwort just coming into flower. Also at Grosmont Castle.

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  1. I have always loved wallflowers and also have childhood memories of plants growing out of a brick wall viewed from our kitchen window, so I always have a soft spot for plants finding homes in every nook and cranny, I know the roots probably aren't doing the joints much good, but they do look lovely don't they?