Saturday, 4 April 2009

Recent walk

The briefest of posts as I am meant to lready be on the road up North to collect our eldest daughter from uni. These photos are from a recent walk near Pembrey.

Such an inviting path.

Another mossy old tree, with its feet in the water.

At the side of the path were old blackthorns, covered in mosses and litchens.

Wonderful changes of habitat. I shall come back here bird-watching when I have blown the dust of my binoculars! There should be Cuckoos here, making the most of the Reed Warbler' nests.

The path was so inviting . . . I didn't have time to follow it all the way up the mountain (think, big hill) but I shall another time.

Oh dear - this is a brown b*gger with a Latin name! It's ages since I've been on a proper fungi foray - must get myself geared up again this year.

There was a lot of diseased wood amongst the trees along the side of the trackway. I think this is one of the Polypores - perhaps the Many-zoned.

It was a sheltered spot and so the honeysuckle had got away to a good start.

Blackthorn in flower.


  1. I should like to walk along that path, it just invites you to go further doesn't it! I listened for the Cuckoo this weekend but he /she isn't here yet.

  2. It looks a lovely walk with all sorts to see. It must be lovely in summer too.

  3. I have so far never heard a cuckoo,I thought I might have seen one last year up by the church,it was an ungainly ugly bird I know that lol!
    The path indeed looks inviting,its lovely seeing it all unfold again after winter isnt it,Hope you had a good journey to get dd
    GTM x x x